Residential, Commercial, New Construction, and Re Roofs

Metal Maintenance:

Roofs with exposed fasteners require maintenance, much like your automobile needing oil changes. We will tighten and or replace loose fasteners, an important aspect in keeping your roof in good shape.

Roof Repair:

We repair loose or missing roofing material and we can also retro fit your composition roof with metal panels on the eve line where ice dams have caused extensive damage. We profesionally install low voltage snow and ice melting products from Heatizon for the ultimate in high end roof deicing technology. For all your roofing needs, Eckard Roofing has you covered.

Snow Removal:

Removing snow and ice dams from your roof is a dangerous process. We are professionals who are safe, licensed, bonded and insured. Don't put yourself at risk by hiring a company with any less credentials as it may result in heavy homeowner burden, especially when it comes to injury insurance.